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My Vision

I want to see my clients move towards a sustainable lifestyle incorporating more nutritious habits while developing a healthy relationship with food.  For dancers, I want to equip you with tools and healthy messages to compliment your art and help you perform at your best.  For dancers and non-dancers alike, I equip you with both evidence-based information and strategies for behavior change.  This will help you feel confident in making your own choices and sustaining healthy eating habits.  

My Philosophy

First and foremost, I have a passion for finding connection with people wherever I am.  I love the interpersonal aspect of the field of dietetics and nutrition, and seek to build relationship and finding common ground whenever possible.  This makes my method of interaction relatable and personalized, no matter the size of the group I'm working with.  I come as a fellow human, also on this journey towards better health and nutrition, and my only distinction is my expertise in the area of nutrition. 


There is no such thing as the perfect "diet".  I like to emphasize to all my clients that the road to change involves many baby steps; that it's not "cheating" to start with the change that's easiest; and that small victories are what empower us to achieve great victories.  

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