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My Story

I've always loved food.  When I was a little girl, I'd always remember an event by the food that was available.  In school, I enjoyed all my subjects, but was particularly interested in the sciences.  I also have a compassionate heart and so as I got older I was hoping to find some sort of career that involved helping people. Eventually I found something I could do for a living that united helping people, my love for science, and food!

But that's not all.  I can't leave out one of the most significant factors that led me to be a dietitian - dance.  I started dancing at an early age, but it was in middle school that I found that I wanted to pursue the life of a ballet dancer.  Unfortunately, my body type and genetics were against me, so I had to work extra hard to try to reach my physique goals.  I tried to do this in as healthy of a manner as possible, but unfortunately still developed an unhealthy relationship with my food.  In the middle of my search for not just a dietitian, but one who was familiar with the needs of dancers, I realized that I wanted to be that resource to the next generation of dancers.  

Now, dancers are my favorite population to work with, as I seek to provide service to those who need my expertise.  This manifests in several ways, from one on one consultations, to group lectures, to grocery store tours.

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